[Cato] Access360 Feedback

Kerri B. Holferty kholferty at whatcom.edu
Tue Nov 21 12:41:56 PST 2017

Yes. Yes. Yes! To what Amy said. You are being way too hard on yourself, Jess.

There were positive, helpful comments and suggestions for future need that we can use moving forward.
We, obviously, cannot cover what everyone needs since they are all coming from different experience with accessibility. I think the overview and history of the policy were needed so we are all starting on the same foundation.

I think the meeting structure could have been more interactive on that first day but we did what we could. And you, Jess, did great. Seriously.

I too will look at the agenda for our upcoming meeting.


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Ok - take a deep breath....

I can totally see how you might be disappointed in some of these comments but there were also many happy, great, and appreciative ones.  Don't forget that some people didn't want to be there and the onus is on them and their group if they didn't take advantage of the group work time opportunities.

Yes -there are also some helpful takeaways and suggestions for the next one but I think it was a great 2 days.  We needed to give an overview of the background and "why's" b/c contrary to a few commenters, not everyone in the room has "drunk the kool-aid" or even knew there was koolaid.

Besides - who takes the time to fill out comment surveys - grumpy, dissatisfied folks.  What % of attendees filled out the comments?

Take heart -you are doing a MORE THAN AMAZING job!!!  Don't let the turkeys get you down!

I'll look at the agenda suggestions that you sent a while back and give some feedback later today.

Thank you for all you do!!!


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So... according to the attached feedback the event was pretty much a waste of time. We can talk more at next week's meeting, but I'd like to step back from leading this given my ideas bombed. Maybe we just tell them to use the money to enroll in some online trainings elsewhere.

I'm not sure if we have time to pull together an agenda for next week's meeting given the holiday this week, but besides this, what would folks like to talk about. I emailed a while back with some stuff but never heard back.

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