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Hello CATO!

I'm look go for some input. I'd like to do another discussion prompting survey at the end of next Wednesday's webinar (the last one was interesting - results are summarized in this doc<https://docs.google.com/document/d/18rRsm8EiBeaqL5MsMbriPH9f4cRTeqWlErzNUFLM_9Q/edit?usp=sharing> and we can talk more about it during our winter meeting).

Janet Sedgley, from Univ of Montana, will be talking about the process they took to develop their policy and procedures. Some of the questions I have for her include:

Questions for Janet:

  *   Did you all face resistance? How did you handle that?
  *   How did you all approach auditing and evaluating existing technology for accessibility?
  *   How do you track online instructional materials (items that faculty may use/procure/require)?
  *   In the procedures section, under each domain you identified who/which office is responsible - how involved were those parties in defining the timeline?

Now, I'm trying to think of questions to ask the colleges about their policy/procedures. Here are some I have in mind:

  *   Have you developed your policy yet?
  *   If so, does your policy only address administrative and business applications (as required by 188), or does it also include reference to instructional materials (per SBCTC policy 3.20.30B)?
  *   Who was involved in authoring your policy?
  *   Have you encountered any resistance to your policy. If so, please take a moment to explain the concerned voiced.
  *   Is it clear in your policy procedures who/which office certain responsibilities fall to?
  *   Do your policy/procedures define the standard to which applications must meet (e.g. WCAG 2.0 AA)?




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