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The Baccalaureate Leadership Council (BLC) has worked to create a statewide survey for graduates of bachelor of applied science programs at Washington community and technical colleges.  The goal of this shared survey is to provide quantitative and qualitative data on the success of our programs. It is the intention of the BLC that all colleges use this shared survey so that we can collect statewide data that supports the good work of our Applied Bachelor's degrees.  Please share this survey link with your program managers, faculty, or appropriate designee so they can send this survey to your graduates.  We recommend:

1.      The survey come from someone with whom the student has been in contact so they are more likely to open and respond to the survey.

2.      The survey be sent to graduates six months after graduation.

3.      In addition to surveying your most recent graduates, you also survey as many of your past graduates as can so we can collect as much historical information as possible.

To aid in the collection of this survey information we suggest that programs collect personal email addresses during their capstone quarter.

Link to the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/OEVNpMl59WwTtwTB3

We are also providing "view only" access to the database of responses.  You can download the spreadsheet through this link and then use the information for your own data collection purposes.  Please share this link with those at your college who would benefit from access to this information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MtrDcGYH7rmuzOlbdhvw5OOS3golyIzFhnU30WGdbHs/edit?usp=sharing

You can see the large scale analytics view of all the Statewide responses here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ut6rvibw8obIr1vb9eCUIN9ZQqUc-2sBw_NYNoxxoWM/viewanalytics

If there is information that your college needs that is not asked on this survey, you have the ability to add questions to your specific college's section.  To do this send the wording of the questions(s) you need added to Char Gore cgore at tacomacc.edu<mailto:cgore at tacomacc.edu> or  Anna Baldwin anna.baldwin at seattlecolleges.edu<mailto:anna.baldwin at seattlecolleges.edu> .

If you have suggestions for improvement to the overall survey please send those to Char Gore cgore at tacomacc.edu<mailto:cgore at tacomacc.edu> or Anna Baldwin anna.baldwin at seattlecolleges.edu<mailto:anna.baldwin at seattlecolleges.edu> . Changes to the overall survey will be discussed for implementation every Spring.

Thank you for your attention to this.

Kind regards,


Charlene Gore, M.Ed., RHIA, CCS
Interim Director of Applied Baccalaureate  Degrees and Program Development/Interim Associate Dean for Health
Tacoma Community College
Building 13-107

To learn more about the HIM Bachelor of Applied Science degree go to: www.tacomacc.edu/HIM<http://www.tacomacc.edu/HIM>
To learn more about the Community Health Bachelor of Applied Science degree go to: https://www.tacomacc.edu/academics-programs/programs/community-health/index

Frequently called numbers:
Financial Aid 253.566.5080
Enrollment Services 253.566.5325
Transcripts 253.566.5048
eLearning Help Line 253.566.5176


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