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Hello all,
At Spokane Falls CC, we follow the same procedures that were explained very well by Soo below.  Thank you Soo!


Lenaya Hogan
BAS Programs Coordinator
Spokane Falls Community College
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Spokane Falls Community College meets the needs of our community by advancing student achievement through quality, accessible learning opportunities that embrace diversity, promote equity, and foster global awareness.

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Hi all,

I am hoping to get some information about the policies for prior learning experience (PLE) credits and residency requirement at your institutions. I'd really appreciate it if you could read the questions below and share the information or some thoughts. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

1.     Is the max portion of PLE credits based on 90 (what's left toward a BAS degree) or 180 (what's required for a BAS degree) credits?

-       Similar to other institutions, CBC has a limit of 1/4 of the total credits. The max allowed PLE credits (upon thorough departmental review) can be either 22 or 45 credits, depending on the base number of credits.

-       Here is what our catalog/form state:

"One-fourth of the total credits required for a CBC Associate in Arts and Sciences degree, Associate in Science-Transfer degree, Associate in Applied Science degree, or certificate may be earned through the prior learning process."

"One-fourth of the total credits required for a CBC degree or certificate may be earned through the prior learning process."

-       Our interpretation of "One-fourth of the total credits required for a CBC degree or certificate" is that a student 1) already used the previous credits for their associate degree and 2) only needs 90 more credits to get a CBC BAS degree. Therefore, it should be out of 90 credits (i.e., max 22 PLE credits). Please note that we never have had a case that brought attention to this until recently, and have not applied the interpretation.

2.     Will the total base for the max portion of PLE credits change depending on whether a student has an associate degree or just an equivalent number of credits?

-       If the above interpretation applied to a policy, the max PLE credits for students who have 90 or more transferable college-level credits with no associate degree would be based on 180 credits because those previous credits are used for a CBC BAS degree only.

-       However, these differences can be viewed by students with an associate degree as a penalty (e.g., less PLE credits are allowed).

3.     Is the residency requirement based on 90 or 180 credits?

-       We require at least 1/3 of CBC credits for a degree or certificate award. The min. CBC credits required can be either 30 or 60, depending on the base number of credits.

-       Here is what is written on the graduation submissions information:

"(b) Complete at least one- third of the credits required for a degree or certificate in residence at CBC"

I used 90/180 as an example; some degrees may have varying numbers.

Sorry about this long email and thank you in advance for your time.


Soo H. Park
Director of Program Development and Baccalaureate Opportunities
Columbia Basin College<https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.columbiabasin.edu%2F&data=02%7C01%7CLenaya.hogan%40sfcc.spokane.edu%7Cd09f61b357f44479c70708d589fb795f%7C4dedfefa6bd04442a06c98aed0b4b8da%7C1%7C0%7C636566635535591683&sdata=bPmFNHXdOw8AWX%2Bg8kV4VbWxt5QJqoWzx061JKOA8OY%3D&reserved=0>
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