[Wsssc] Have you defined "advisor"?

Christina Castorena christina.castorena at email.edcc.edu
Wed Feb 10 11:25:45 PST 2021

Dear Colleagues,

For those of you who are up and running on ctcLink, I'm wondering if you
have defined the role of an "advisor" on your campus for the purpose of
who gets access to the Advising Center in ctclink and at what access level.
I'm specifically speaking of professional advisors not teaching for
counseling faculty.

Background: The title "advisor" is loosely defined at Edmonds. We have
"advisors" in many programs outside of our general academic advising center
(e.g, in grant programs like TRiO, Worker Retraining, Opportunity Grant,
etc; pre-college areas like IBEST, EDCAP, etc.; Running Start; and the list
goes on).

So, I'm wondering if you have defined "advisor" and outlined duties that
constitute an advisor for the purpose of ctcLink access and if you would be
willing to share your work.

Edmonds College went live with ctcLink on Monday. So far, so good. Our
biggest challenge is making sure staff have the appropriate access and
access levels to do what they need to do.

Thank you,
*Christina Castorena, M.Ed. *(she/her/hers)

*Vice President for Student Success*
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