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Colleagues: FYI, below.

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Subject: FYI: UPDATED: SAT, ACT college admissions exams canceled, delayed


UPDATED: SAT, ACT college admissions exams canceled, delayed

By Michael Stratford

03/16/2020 11:39 AM EDT

The busy spring season of college admissions testing and Advanced Placement exams is being upended by the coronavirus pandemic.

The College Board announced on Monday that it was canceling the SAT scheduled for May 2 and was exploring options to have students take AP exams at home "depending on the situation in May."

The organization said that it is working to "provide future additional SAT testing opportunities for students as soon as feasible in place of canceled administrations." The SAT administration set for June 6 has not yet been canceled but the College Board said it would continue to assess the situation.

ACT on Monday announced that its test scheduled for April 4 will now take place on June 13 instead. ACT said it was working to notify students who had signed up for the April 4 test and provide them with instructions on how to proceed.

“ACT is committed to making every effort to help those students impacted by this test date change, particularly those high school seniors who are facing deadlines for fall 2020 college admission,” said Marten Roorda, the chief executive officer of the testing organization.

The worldwide administration of the SAT college admissions exam continued over the weekend in spite of the coronavirus outbreak, though it was significantly disrupted by closures of testing sites. All testing was canceled in dozens of countries and hundreds of testing locations across the United States were closed for the March 14 test, according to the College Board, which administers the SAT.

College Board on Monday also canceled makeup exams for the March 14 test, which had been scheduled for March 28.

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