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Thank you to everyone who sent in a response. Attached are the responses, with some additional information.

A couple comments about the additional info:

*         State funded FTE for each institution is based on last year's numbers from SBCTC

*         I treated all part time positions as .5, which I realize is not always accurate, for the total staffing number

*         The ratio is based on staffing FTE compared to state funded student FTE


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We are looking at our mental health counseling and trying to get an idea how we compare to the rest of the system. We know that the legislative work group is also discussing counseling and ratios, but our president is also asking for some comparison information. Please take a couple minutes to respond to the below questions. Please respond directly to me and I will compile all of the results and share them out with the listserv.

# of Mental Health Counselors:
Employee Group (Faculty or Exempt):
Do they teach, and if so what do they teach:
Is there a limit to the number of appointments for students:
Other considerations:


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