[Wsssc] Highline is looking for advice re guided pathways

Ear, Sy sear at highline.edu
Mon Sep 9 13:18:23 PDT 2019

Hi colleagues. Best wishes for a great start to this year!  My colleague Sy Ear and I are interested in hearing how other colleges in our system have asked students for input on the pathways you've established. At Highline, we have pathways, but we haven't asked our students whether the names we've given to those pathways make sense. We haven't asked students whether the groupings of programs within each pathway make sense either. We don't want to undo what was done before, but we also don't want to dive in deeply without getting input from students.

If anyone is willing to give advice about how you would go about getting students' input at this point in the process, we'd welcome it!


Sy Ear
Interim Vice President
Student Services
Highline College
highline.edu<mailto:sear at highline.edu>
206 592 3351


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