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WSSSC: please see below and attached, per the distribution requirement of State Board Resolution 19-05-23.

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Subject: Best Practices Communique
Importance: High

Please forward this email to the committee chair (ACT, WACTC, HRMC, BAR, WSSSC, etc.) that you serve as SBCTC liaison, and request distribution to their membership.   Your assistance will satisfy the intent of State Board Resolution 19-05-23.

Thank you.


On March 23, 2017 the State Board approved and adopted Resolution 17-03-22 which directed the State Board for Community & Technical Colleges (SBCTC) to convene and facilitate a workgroup that includes faculty, faculty union representatives and college administrators to draft collective bargaining language reflecting the best practice principles that local bargainers may use in their negotiations.   The intent of the resolution is to improve student outcomes through continued support of the best practice principles affecting the employment of part-time/adjunct faculty.

The workgroup reviewed language in faculty collective bargaining agreements and compiled a library of existing contract language representing each of the principles identified in the "2005 Best Employment Practices for Part-time Faculty" report.   During the review process, the workgroup identified a gap in the ten "best practice principles" and added a principle addressing diversity, equity and inclusion.

On May 2, 2019, the State Board approved Resolution 19-05-23, which added a diversity, equity and inclusion principle and updated the "Best Employment Practices for Part-time/Adjunct" report.

As mandated in Best Practice Principle 11 of State Board Resolution 19-05-23, the "2019 Best Employment Practices of Part-time/Adjunct" report is being published and distributed to college presidents, human resources directors, trustees, and local faculty union presidents.  In addition, a copy of the "Additional Faculty Perspectives on Best Practices" report is also being disseminated for your consideration.  All documents are attached and can be accessed at https://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/my-employment/best-part-time-faculty-employment-practices.aspx.

The reports contain examples of language serving as references or starting points for local and management bargainers.  Continued progress on implementation of best practices will primarily occur through local bargaining.

If you have questions regarding Resolution 19-05-23 and/or the best practice reports, you are welcome to contact Ed McCallister, SBCTC, Director of Human Resources at (360) 704-4350 or by email at emccallister at sbctc.edu<mailto:emccallister at sbctc.edu>.

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