[Wsssc] Workplan Updates & Liaison Report Form

Matthew Campbell MCampbell at pierce.ctc.edu
Fri Apr 26 16:16:56 PDT 2019

Good afternoon, all. Below please see two requests regarding updating the Workplan and submitting Liaison Reports.

Workplan Updates
As we close in on the Spring meeting, it will be helpful to update the workplan with all progress that has been accomplished throughout the year. This will assist in our reporting to WACTC, identifying next steps, and beginning to identify appropriate shifts for next year.

Please insert updates to the shared workplan at this GoogleSheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u6bnUKDmxw3gT9Jx6B21FZzwz38lnyq2YltSmGINFn0

There are some typos that need to be cleaned up, but this should work for collecting and reporting our progress.

Liaison Reports
If you are a liaison or at otherwise submitting a report for WSSSC, please utilize the form attached (which is also at the link below). This helps streamline and organize the reports.

If you believe your will have a substantial report that will require commission input/guidance, please let me know prior to the meeting so we can manager our morning agenda as effectively as possible. If there are elements to be considered that can be submitted in advance, please email those to the wsssc@ list.

Perhaps we can create a repository for these on the Canvas page and begin uploading them there.

Kind regards,

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