[Wsssc] WSSSC Fall Meeting Agenda, Annual Registration, and Draft Workplan

Matthew Campbell MCampbell at pierce.ctc.edu
Mon Oct 1 15:32:57 PDT 2018

Good afternoon WSSSCers! Attached, please find a copy of our current agenda for our meeting in two weeks in Vancouver, WA, as well as annual registration/dues info AND our draft workplan.
Lots of information below and attached! We’ll attempt to get the agenda up on the website in both PDF and Word formats.

>>> WSSSC Fall Meeting (17-19 October)
Key things to remember:

  1.  We are at the Clark College Columbia Tech Center, which is in East Vancouver (18700 SE Mill Plain BLVD, Vancouver, WA 98683). If you go to the main campus, you’ll miss breakfast;
  2.  If you are unable to make it to the Columbia Tech Center, but would like to join us by phone, you can join by conference line by dialing 360.992.2846, starting at 8:45am. There is no meeting number nor is there anything else you’ll need to do; however, if you receive a “busy” tone, please try again. If it continues, you can email Joe, Nanette, and me and we’ll work to sort it out; and
  3.  If you have not booked your hotel, as of last week the hotel was willing to honor the room rate advertised for the WSSSC block.

If you are interested and able to attend, an NWAC meeting we take place on Wednesday, 17 October from 2-4pm at the Columbia Tech Center in Room 302.

>>> Annual Registration & Dues
While you (or someone acting as you) may have already responded to the doodle poll to alert us as to who is coming to what portions, I am also attaching the annual registration form. This form seeks to achieve three things:

  1.  Collect your annual dues;
  2.  Allow you to update contact details; and
  3.  Alert us to any necessary accommodations to assure the meetings are accessible.

If you believe you will have a topic that will require considerable conversation, please let me know as soon as is possible. We often identify topics that quickly become urgent topics, but for which we do not have sufficient time to address within our planned agenda. We have built in a couple of buffers and have a substantial amount of time reserved on Friday for general topic discussion, which can happen in executive session if necessary.

If you are not a member of the commission, you do not need to submit the registration. However, if you plan to attend the majority of a commission meeting, we ask that you submit a meeting registration fee of $50 to help cover the shared meeting costs including food, accommodations, and facilities. Fees, along with accommodation needs, can be submitted to Nanette Angel, SBCTC Student Services Assistant (nangel at sbctc.edu).

>>> 2018-2019 Draft Workplan
Finally, I have attached a copy of our 2018-2019 Draft Workplan. As you may be aware, WACTC asked to see our workplans at their 4 October meeting. Since we would not have an opportunity to meet as a commission prior to that, the exec team work on a draft that has been submitted and will be discussed later this week. We’ll then bring back any WACTC guidance to our meeting, and we’ll have the opportunity to edit the draft and set our path for the year.

Within this draft, there are three elements of which to take note:

  1.  There are only three goals. In response to our conversations last year, we have worked to narrow and intensify our focus and achievability in three key areas. “Technology & Innovations” and “Professional Development” have been removed and/or reallocated into the other three goals.
  2.  Goals align with three of the five system goals: EDI, SEM, GP. The two that are not included are advocacy (this is generally governmental/legislative advocacy, which while a component in our lives, is not a substantial one for the commission or to which it is likely the commission as a whole will contribute substantially) and ctcLink (this is big for everyone, but has a very precise governance structure; and the commission will build this work into what we do and discuss, but it is unlikely that we will have a substantial full-commission role in ctcLink over the next nine months).
  3.  EDI remains its own section, however, it is also built into each of the other two goals, thus reflecting our commitment to EDI as both a focus and something that is everyone’s responsibility.

At the top, we have also placed the WSSSC EDI statement as a sort of guiding principle for the work that WSSSC does (reflected in the workplan), as well as a paragraph at the bottom that communicates that, in addition to the workplan goals, there are other day-to-day areas of commission work, in which we will continue to engage.

With narrowing to three goals, we will need to change our operational committee structure to assure we have a viable approach to the work. Further, the three goals identified have substantial overlap, though we’ve attempted to draw some distinction with regard to the work that will need to be accomplished in each area.

Thank you all and I look forward to a productive (and fun!) meeting.

Matthew Campbell, Ed.D.
Vice President, Learning & Student Success
Pierce College Puyallup
p/  253.840.8419
f/   253.840.8423
e/  mcampbell at pierce.ctc.edu<mailto:mcampbell at pierce.ctc.edu>

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