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Here is the memo and the email I discussed in the meeting. I don’t remember whether I sent this earlier, but wanted to assure you saw what was moved forward from our commission conversation(s).

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Subject: WSSSC EDI Memo to Critical Issues Committee

Good afternoon. I am writing to follow up on your request for policies/practices to be reviewed from an equity perspective. Through conversation at the recent commission meeting, we identified and developed the recommendations in the attached memo.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional clarification with regard to any of the details herein.

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PS: While not discussed at WSSSC, I have had several conversations across multiple domains/sectors within our system around the concept of quarters vs. semesters. While a substantial undertaking (both logistically and economically), semesters may be one of the most fundamental shifts that could be made to have an impact on equity and student success. From a reduction of “leaky” transition points, to the opportunities to offer later starting session that can diminish the impact of withdrawals, to the ability to reinvest the cost savings of not running as many registration cycles, there appear to be multiple benefits that might be realized, as well as general support for this direction. Of course, that support is also met with near universal skepticism that we would ever make that shift; however, Critical Issues seems to be an ideal place to begin the exploration of whether the anecdotal hunches align with practical realities (indeed, there may be just as many challenges/risks/equity costs that have not been fully explored), and what it would take strategically to get there, if appropriate.

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