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Please see the attached PowerPoint that was shared at the last WACTC-Tech Meeting. Page 18 highlights the representatives from the various commissions that are able to present topics like the one we just discussed from ARC. Additionally, the PowerPoint may have various other types of information that you may be interested to read.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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Cc: Julie Walter; Donna Thompson
Subject: WACTC-Tech Meeting Materials

Hello everyone,

Here are the meeting materials for the WACTC Tech meeting, as well as 2 documents that were sent to all presidents today in preparation for the Deployment Group 3 vote on Friday.

In addition, there is one more document attached that is for WACTC-Tech review only (see below). It will be shared with WACTC Friday morning. Attached you will find:

·         WACTC Meeting Presentation

·         March Meeting notes

·         March Moran QA Report with SBCTC Responses

·         WACTC-Deployment 3-Decision-Summary (Sent to WACTC presidents via email today)

·         Deployment Groupings/Schedule (Sent to WACTC presidents via email today)

·         ctcLink Phased Milestones Checklist for Internal Quality Assurance (This is a PREVIEW, please don’t share. Will be provided to WACTC on Friday)

Janelle Runyon

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