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The Data Governance Committee is seeking representatives for a workgroup concerning the OCIO Data Classification policy ( found at https://ocio.wa.gov/policy/securing-information-technology-assets-standards)  and FERPA directory information.   The ultimate goal is to classify all data stored within the ctcLink system into one of the four categories as required by the OCIO.  The Data Governance Committee has already done this classification for the SBCTC Data Warehouse.  The Data Classification Brief is located here:  https://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/commissions-councils/dgc/resources.aspx

To make this a more manageable, achievable task, we will start with Student data within the Campus Solutions pillar and focus on Category 1 and 4 classifications.

Category 1 data contains public information and therefore would include FERPA directory information as well as other publicly reported data such as college names or class titles.   The ctcLink system offers functionality related to FERPA blocks, but this functionality is done at the global level.  Therefore to leverage the functionality and to discretely classify Category 1 data in the system, we need to determine first if it is feasible and if so, then a common set of directory information for all CTC colleges.

Category 4 data contains confidential information requiring special handling such as Social Security Numbers, Bank Account numbers, passwords, electronic signatures, etc.

Once we have created a proposed list of Category 1 and 4 data for Campus Solutions, we can begin working on defining Category 2 and 3 data.  At that time we will also branch out to include HCM and Finance representatives to categorize the other two pillar's data.  Note that HCM and Finance representatives are welcome during the Student data classification meetings!  It's important that we include cross-functional discussions in these decisions.

Please contact Carmen McKenzie at cmckenzie at sbctc.edu<mailto:cmckenzie at sbctc.edu> or 360-704-4369 by March 30th if you would like to participate in the initial workgroup.

Carmen McKenzie
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