[Wsssc] FW: FY 2019 Initial Allocation

Joe Holliday jholliday at sbctc.edu
Thu Jun 28 11:16:10 PDT 2018

Colleagues: see below and attached, FYI.


Joe Holliday

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From: Jan Yoshiwara
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Subject: FW: FY 2019 Initial Allocation
Importance: High

For distribution to commission closed lists.

Jan Yoshiwara
Executive Director
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

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Cc: Scherry Sinclair <ssinclair at sbctc.edu<mailto:ssinclair at sbctc.edu>>
Subject: FY 2019 Initial Allocation
Importance: High

Good Morning All,

Attached please find the first allocation of state funding for fiscal year 2019.  The State Legislature appropriated $757.4 million to our system. This is a 3% increase over the current fiscal year.  Since FY 2019 is the second year of the biennium, there are very few new budgeted items.

Please note:  the Minimum Operating Allocation for each district includes ONLY the operating budget allocation.  Districts need to count the M&O funding in the capital budget to arrive at the full $2.85M per college.  See the MOA tab for more detail.  FY 2020 allocation model projections will not include capital funding in the summary page as this has caused so much confusion.

At the request of several business officers, the format of the allocation schedule is as close as possible to the format of the allocation model projections provided earlier this year.  As you know, we no longer use a base-plus funding formula.  Attachment Two has several tabs that build each district's allocation from zero up to the total initial allocation.  Two (A) displays the changes in district's allocation model components from 2018 to 2019. The remaining tabs in attachment Two add provisos and earmarks in a step-by-step manner with notes for each item.

Attachment Two (C) includes the earmarked compensation items, M&O and leases to be held in Safe Harbor for four years. In FY 2019 we have four, full years of funding in Safe Harbor.  In FY 2020, the items in FY 2016 will roll into the model for distribution based on those factors and we expect the Legislature will appropriate a new year of compensation increases for FY 2020.  Note that there is a large amount of health benefit funding in FY 2016 that will roll into the model in FY 2020.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Scherry Sinclair (copied here) or me.  I will be in the State Board meeting tomorrow afternoon and Thursday morning, but I should be able to get back to you within a business day.

Best wishes,

Cherie Berthon

[Compass]Cherie Berthon
Operating Budget Director
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
cberthon at sbctc.edu<mailto:cberthon at sbctc.edu> * o: 360-704-1023 * f: 360-704-4417 * c: 360-339-2888

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