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Our AAG concurs with Robert's.  Assuming the wearing is not accompanied by disruptive behavior or harassing speech acts, it is protected free speech.
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Thank you for your email. I will consult our AAG tomorrow and look into training opportunities for our faculty, staff and students.


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Hey Lin,
You should check with your AAG but a restriction on shirt content of this nature would probably be considered a first amendment violation.

You may want to consider counter speech through some programming to try to turn this into an educational opportunity.

These are tough issues! Good luck!

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Happy New Year, WSSSC members!

I run into a situation that I do not have the culture background or deep understanding to know how to respond:

I have a faculty member expressed the frustration on students who wearing shirts with Confederate flag to her class. The request from the faculty member is to have the college make a statement that Confederate flags are inappropriate and not tolerable on campus.

Honestly, I had to learn what “Confederate Flag” is first before I understand the complaint. When I talk to couple people from Bates, I was given different answers.

My questions to you are: if you have been in the similar situation, how did you handle that?  Do you have a statement specifically on Confederate flag? If yes, could you please share it with me?

Many thanks!

Dr. Lin Zhou
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Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success

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