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Good afternoon, all. As you may recall from our last meeting, we conveyed the the WACTC Strategic Visioning Committee is seeking guidance from the commissions on policies that should be reviewed with an equity lens. As you prepare for our commission meeting tomorrow, please reflect on two to three “system-level policies and/or practices” that we would prioritize as needing to be reviewed specifically from a perspective of equity. These are not necessarily institutional policies, nor do they need to be codified policies (though they can be). Instead, we should be thinking broadly about common practices and/or policies that may demonstrate institutional racism/oppression, thus creating barriers to student access and success within our system.

We will start the discussion of these during our session after lunch in order to craft a general list, then we will refer to the EDI committee for further refinement, then we revisit on Friday to confirm our recommendation back to Strategic Visioning. We are not sure, yet, how they will then carry the work forward ...more to come.


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Subject: WACTC Request of Commission Leaders


As you may know, WACTC President, David Beyer, has assigned a Critical Issues Committee to address issues of equity in our system.  The committee has identified four areas of work:  Professional development for presidents; developing a common understanding of equity; evaluating system level policies and practices through an equity lens; and, developing a “resource bank” of policies and practices for individual colleges to consider for use at the local level.

This is a multi-year effort; most of our efforts this year are focused on professional development and developing a common understanding of equity.  Having said that, we would like to begin developing a list of system level policies and practices for review through an equity lens.

To begin this effort, I am asking that you work with your Commission to identify 2-3 system-level policies or practices for review.  Having yet to identify a common understanding of equity, we are asking that each Commission use its own determination when identifying those items for review.  Our belief is that there may be some variations, but there will be enough similarities that will allow us to begin identifying critical policies and practices for review.

Please forward 2-3 system level policies and practices to me immediately after your Winter Quarter Commission meeting. By that time, we expect that WACTC will have developed a common understanding of equity for use by the Critical Issues Committee to prioritize and make a recommendation to WACTC.  We will then assemble representative task forces to evaluate those policies and practices.  Our hope is that some of this work can begin prior to the end of the academic year.

Please know there is much work to do and we will continually be developing a common understanding of equity and will be asking you to identify further policies and practices for review next year and into the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.  In the meantime, thank you for your contributions to this important effort.


Tom Keegan
President, Skagit Valley College
Chair, WACTC Critical Issues Committee

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