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We pay our mascot $25 per event that lasts up to 90 minutes. Past 90 minutes we pay $50.

Grays Harbor College

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Greetings, Esteemed Colleagues:

It was a delight to spend time with you last week, and I look forward to a great year. Here I am with another question.

It is my understanding that Big Bend has experienced challenge in the past getting someone to take on the mascot mantle (The costume is hot and miserable to wear, and the work requires a bit of athleticism). Consequently, we pay this person - in my opinion - very well. My president, VP, and I recently had a conversation about the mascot's pay, and they were surprised at the wage, especially as there didn't seem to be a rationale for the amount.

If your institution has a mascot, how much is that person in the suit paid? How did you determine what would be a fair wage?

Thank you for sharing your insight!

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Dawna Haynes, Ed.D.
Dean of Student Services

Big Bend Community College
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