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Colleagues: FYI below. This is a discussion that ARC is having right now. Ruben was responding to a request for clarification from one college. If you have concerns or need clarification on whether your existing fees conform to RCWs, I suggest you talk with your VP for Finance.

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Question: Can we have a comprehensive fee for our students for the purpose of requesting transcripts?

I reached out to John Ginther in our Business department because he often gets this question. Here is his reply. I plan to send this reply on the ARC listserv as well.

“Because I regularly receive questions about fees and so has the AAGs office it is very clear that comprehensive fees are not permitted.  The AAG has based its opinion on RCW 28B.15.031 giving the colleges authority to charge special fees which has not changed since the AAG issued their opinions over the last number of years.  Colleges are permitted the charge student ‘special’ fees which means if the funds are intended for a specific purpose and is only charged to those students who use the service being provided by the fee then it is allowable.  Therefore a college cannot charge a fee to all students (other than student voted fees) when not all students use the service (i.e. standard parking fee cannot be charged to everyone since not every students will use the parking lot/services (does not matter whether it gives them the right to the service, it is whether they use the service). The question was also raised about whether several fees can be combined into one with the funds distributed to various services areas (transcript fee, grad fee, and tech fee combined into one fee) and the AAG’s opinion clearly states that this is not allowed.

Bottom line, colleges may only charges special fees to those students that use the service for which the fee is charged (unless it is a student-voted fee) and they may not combine multiple fees into one comprehensive fee.”


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