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Jan Yoshiwara jyoshiwara at sbctc.edu
Tue Jul 18 11:49:04 PDT 2017

Opportunity to participate in Western Regional Council on Black American Affairs conference hosted by Portland Community College.


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I received the attached material from a colleague who recently left to work for the President at the Portland Community College Cascade Campus.   I would appreciate it if you could forward the information to those whom you think might be interested in this conference.  Best wishes, Jay.

From: Cody Field [mailto:cody.field1 at pcc.edu]
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To: Jay Reich
Subject: WRCBAA Regional Conference

Hi Jay,
I'm writing to ask you a SBCTC related question. In September, the Western Region Council on Black American Affairs is holding a conference on the Portland Community College Cascade Campus.
Dr. Karin Edwards, Campus President, asked me to reach out to my contacts working within the community and technical college system in Washington to put out the word regarding the conference. I was hoping that since you are on the board, you might have some insight regarding who would be a good contact for this. I have attached the information flyer with links to the conference registration website.
I hope all is going well in Seattle.
Thank you!

Cody Field
Executive Assistant to Cascade Campus President
705 N. Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR 97217
P: 971-722-5574<tel:(971)%20722-5574>
E: cody.field1 at pcc.edu<mailto:cody.field1 at pcc.edu>
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