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Just learned that AACC is inviting applications for the next round of Pathways Institutes.  See link below.

Emailed expressions of interest are due by Feb 17.
Applications, similar to the 2015 applications are due March 31.
Colleges must commit to pay a fee of $45,000 per year for three years, which covers the costs of the institutes including most meals and lodging.  Colleges pay transportation costs for their team.


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Subject: Fwd: Pathways 2.0 Materials

Absolutely send to whomever you wish!

Kay McClenney
Senior Advisor to the President/CEO
American Association of Community Colleges
kmcclenney at aacc.nche.edu<mailto:kmcclenney at aacc.nche.edu>

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Below is the link to the Pathways 2.0 application materials.


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