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Subject: [Pres] Legislative update

Many of you will be at SeaTac for some kind of meeting that I know nothing about :) so we won't have calls this week.

Two bills of interest were signed by the Governor.

*       Corrections Ed after lo these many years was signed on Tuesday. This bill will do a lot to reduce recidivism.

*       The bill to expand the Workfirst training limit from 12 months to 24 months was signed today. This bill will do a lot to reduce poverty by giving folks a real shot at education and training if they are Workfirst eligible.

The budget negotiators are talking but not all at the same time. Arlen and I had separate meetings with Sen. Schoesler and Rep. Ormsby this week and will be meeting with Rep. Tharinger and others next week.

There was a hearing this week in the Senate on the Senate version of the House tax package.  Nothing is expected to come of that.

Both the Senate and House are expected to be on the floor Tuesday next week but there is no indication of what may be on the agendas.

We will keep you posted.

Marty Brown
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