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Pardon the correction - Quick Posting is in reference to the "Post Student Transactions" ctcLink page.

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Subject: URGENT - quick posting issues

The State Board SF Team is quite concerned about finding financial aid and waiver item types being quick posted (via the Post Student Payments ctcLink page.)

All financial aid item types (those starting with the #9) should not be simply added or posted to students' accounts.  Aid MUST be disbursed via the proper set of steps via the Financial Aid Office - that way the process is tracked/managed appropriately.  Quick posting financial aid and waiver item types does not function properly with enrollment adjustments and creates havoc in the General Ledger (which will create additional work with reconciliation down the road.) Alternative Loans are considered financial aid and thus, should be disbursed via the Financial Aid Office.


We appreciate your help with spreading the word to staff with access to the Post Student Payments ctcLink page about this important message.

The Item Type Security enhancement request is about to be launched and WILL help to disable the use of improper item types being quick posted - please be on the lookout for an explanatory video in the next few days.

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