[ctcLinkfinaidsupport] FA Weeklyish Bulletin 9/30/2022

Kelly Forsberg kforsberg at sbctc.edu
Fri Sep 30 11:59:35 PDT 2022

Knowing is Half the Battle!
• Super Helpful Reminders and Tips!
o   THOU SHALT NOT (Please? ☺)

§  DO NOT MANUALLY OVERRIDE LOAN ORIGINATION  It has been discovered that there are some occurrences of manually overriding loan origination statuses in the Direct Loan Override page.  Please do not do this because manually accepting an origination will not generate again to go out to COD, essentially causing ctcLink and COD to forever be out-of-sync.  The loan record will need to be maintained manually in both systems for the rest of the aid year, and this is not the accepted business practice.
•       Please use the Validation Error Reports and Loans on Hold Report to work through your loan origination rejects.  Once adjustments are made, you can queue the changes up for origination that way.  Do not make adjustments in COD and do not manually accept in records in the Direct Loan Override page.
[cid:image004.jpg at 01D8D4C4.194F5E20]
•  EMAIL vs. LETTERS  Are you using emails or letters to notify students of their awards?

·         The FA Flow Guide has steps for emailing award letter notifications, but you can also mail physical letters out using the download process.  The caveat?  You must have the letter template set up, or the process will not work in the Communication Generation Step.  If you have a letter template set up, here is a quick QRG on mailing out award letters.  If you do not have the template set up, please file a ticket, and we can help you get that done. QRG: https://ctclinkreferencecenter.ctclink.us/m/92425/l/1605184-9-2-printing-award-letters-in-batch


·         Please list out your cremyop, crpn, and other related files one at a time, row by row.  The Import Federal Data Step does not recognize the combined file process.  So, if you have many Funds Not Recorded in the System messages on your Authorization Failure Report, this may also be why, because the step isn’t able to process a .txt file.  Please list out the files similar to the example below:

[cid:image005.jpg at 01D8D4C4.194F5E20]

• Query Corner!
o   HAVING LOAN ISSUES? – Putting this query in your arsenal again

·         Are you having issues with the “Funds Not Recorded in the System” message on your loans on the Authorization Failure Report?  It’s likely you missed loading a COD response file.  Run this query to find COD files you may not have loaded.  Check your network drive where you saved your files, were any of them missed?

• Training Team Stuff!
•  PELL BUSINESS PROCESS GUIDE – Additional language added on page 14 of the downloaded guide that crpg files aren’t the only message class to come through EdConnect for Pell response files, craa files will also come through as response files too
o   RECORDINGS POSTED:  The FLF & Disbursement Refresher and Census Processing recordings are now available
•  Posted in the FA103 Authorizing and Disbursing Financial Aid Canvas Training course.  The recording and slide deck are linked in the Additional Resources Module under the Just In Time Trainings<https://sbctc.instructure.com/courses/1664989/pages/just-in-time-training-session-recordings-slash-slide-decks?module_item_id=67084963> sub-module.  Remember, if you get an ‘access denied’ message that means you may not be registered for the course, or you haven’t progressed through the course modules to unlock that module.

What’s Coming Down the Pike?:
• Just In Time Trainings (FA Training):
o   Track Agency Funding – 10/4/22  9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
o   Follow Up Q & A for Track Agency Funding  – 10/6/22  9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

F Work Sessions (with college staff guest presenters!):

o   File Review Best Practices | Guest Presenter:  Sharon Gerlach, Spokane Community College – 9/30/22  1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

o   Top 10 Loan Rejects and Troubleshooting | Guest Presenter:  Lorena Saucedo, Tacoma Community College – 10/21/22  1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (calendar invite forthcoming)

Environment Updates:
-          Reminder! The next PCD refresh will take place on Monday, October 3.  That means you are running out of time for any testing you still need to do in PCD.  Remember that any processes you have built or students you have staged, will be wiped in the refresh, and replaced with the most recent data in the PRD environment.

Just For Fun! 😂 Did you know these things have names?
-        The # symbol has a very official name.  We might call it the ‘hashtag’, or the ‘pound sign’ if you’re old school.  But it actually has a very official name called the octothorpe.  #aboutthatfinaidlife
-      The fleshy skin around the turkeys neck is called a snood.  Still can never find the giblets either.  Tip, they’re not in the snood.
-     Blackberries and raspberries are among a class of fruits called bramblefruits.  Bramble fruits are aggregate fruits, which means they’re made up of smaller units.  The units, little bumps on the berries, are called drupelets.
-     The bumps on the surface of a ping pong paddle are called pips.
-     The prongs on a fork are called tines (why aren’t they just called prongs?) smh
-     The foam on the top of a beer is called barm, which is the yeast formed on fermenting malt liquors
-     That hard-to-reach spot on your back that you can’t ever seem to reach without a back scratcher?  It’s called the acnestis.
-     You could call them whiskers, or you could call them vibrissae, which are the stiff hairs that are located on the face and especially about the snout of many mammals.


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Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
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kforsberg at sbctc.edu<mailto:kforsberg at sbctc.edu>

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