[CATO] WA Learning Lab Application is due today!

Monica Olsson molsson at sbctc.edu
Tue Jan 17 08:38:04 PST 2023

The WA Learning Lab
Deadline Reminder

Applications due at 5pm today, January 17, 2023

The Web Accessibility (WA) Learning Lab is a ten-week intensive training program designed to teach participants about the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Principles, legal requirements for web accessibility in higher education, and key considerations for IT procurement processes. The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges<https://www.sbctc.edu/> (SBCTC) and the Committee on Accessible Technology Oversight<https://www.sbctc.edu/about/task-forces-work-groups/stac/cato/> (CATO) will facilitate the program and our partner, WebAIM,<https://webaim.org/> will provide technical training.


Apply Now<https://www.sbctc.edu/about/accessibility/new-information>

To learn more about the program and submit an application, click the link above or copy and paste the link below into your browser.


Program Access and Accommodations

Please contact us for technical assistance during the application process if needed.

SBCTC is committed to providing equal access for individuals with disabilities to its programs and events in accordance with the ADA and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you require accommodation during the application process, contact Monica Olsson as soon as possible by emailing molsson at sbctc.edu<mailto:molsson at sbctc.edu> or calling (306) 704-3922. You may also contact Vicki Walton by emailing vwalton at sbctc.edu<mailto:vwalton at sbctc.edu> or calling (360) 704-4343.

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Monica M. Olsson (she/her/hers)

Policy Associate – Accessible IT Coordinator

Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

•Email: molsson at sbctc.edu<mailto:molsson at sbctc.edu> • Phone: 360-704-3922

[cid:5aadefc1-bae4-4510-9a5f-f693edbb6b6f]<https://outlook.office.com/bookwithme/user/321a279c65664c04a18fa34a96e959ab@sbctc.edu?anonymous&ep=signature>                Book time to meet with me<https://outlook.office.com/bookwithme/user/321a279c65664c04a18fa34a96e959ab@sbctc.edu?anonymous&ep=signature>
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