[CATO] Policy 188/IT Accessibility Coordinator Task Force - Consider Joining!

Monica Olsson molsson at sbctc.edu
Fri Oct 28 11:53:17 PDT 2022

Policy 188/IT Accessibiliy Coordinator Task Force

Dear CATO, thank you for engaging in the Policy 188/IT Accessibility Coordinator conversations for the past few meetings. The co-chairs debriefed our last conversation, and we propose that membership forms a Policy 188 Coordinator Task Force. We believe a Task Force would bring needed structure to the topic and help meet our goal of authoring a memo with best practices and suggestions to the system from CATO. At our next meeting on Tuesday November 8th, we will discuss the vision for the Task Force and ask for volunteers to join. Please think about if you want to join the Task Force and read below for more information.


Zach, Jeannie, and Monica

Goals for the Task Force

  1.  Develop role description and list of essential responsibilities for the Policy 188/IT Coordinator. Refer to minimum deliverables of Policy 188

  2.  Create a list of suggested technical skill sets and expertise required for the role.

  3.  Provide recommendations regarding the kind of executive-level support, training, and funding or budget required for this role to be effective.

  4.  Identify training and resources relevant to the Policy 188/IT Accessibility Coordinator role.

  5.  Research costs for 3rd party accessibility testing (Level Access, Deque, etc.) and the types of training/tools professional testers require access to for this type of work as a way to cement the specialization required for IT accessibility work.

Questions for the Task Force

  1.  What are the minimum deliverables of Policy 188?

  2.  What are the essential responsibilities and functions of a Policy 188 Coordinator/IT Accessibility Coordinator?

  3.  What are the technical skills and knowledge base required for this role?

  4.  How do accessibility conformance requirements intersect with existing IT requirements around privacy and security at our colleges?

  5.  What support from executive leadership and funding is recommended?

  6.  Is the Policy 188/IT Accessibility Coordinator role the same thing as an accessibility conformance tester? Why or why not?

  7.  What is the best location for this role and why? (IT, eLearning, Compliance office, DEI office.)

  8.  How is this role different from Disability Services/student accommodation work and where do these areas of responsibility intersect?

  9.  Consider how the Policy 188/It Accessibility Coordinator role intersects with DEI initiatives at colleges? Develop strategies for working with institutional DEI representatives on incorporating accessibility into their work and training. (Colleges have received funding from the state legislature for required DEI training.)

Actions for the Task Force

  *   Author best practices and suggestions for the system in response to the list of questions above and/or other questions identified by the Task Force.

  *   Present findings and recommendations to CATO in spring 2023.

  *   Review CBI materials as needed.

  *   Engage WATECH and OCIO as needed.

  *   Link to Policy 188<https://ocio.wa.gov/policy/accessibility>: https://ocio.wa.gov/policy/accessibility

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