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Monica Olsson molsson at sbctc.edu
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Hi all,

I have never seen a job posting for a procurement position in higher education that specifically and intentionally centers accessibility compliance, have you? Interesting idea, read the announcement below for more information.

Upon reading the description myself, I notice a few things. Tom me, the job responsibilities seem to creep beyond the procurement process and feel a lot like the responsibility of an Accessible IT Coordinator required by our own state's policy 188. Also, the salary is not listed which is a pet peeve of mine.

What do y'all think?

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The AccessMU Center at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio is seeking a full-time Accessible Procurement Specialist to lead the accessibility... -posted to the "IT Accessibility" community
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Laura Fathauer<https://connect.educause.edu/network/connect-directory/profile?UserKey=2f042566-a3bb-4b49-98ca-5c55db323eaa>

The AccessMU Center at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio is seeking a full-time Accessible Procurement Specialist<https://jobs.miamioh.edu/en-us/job/499908/accessible-procurement-specialist> to lead the accessibility procurement process and provide central oversight, technical leadership, expert guidance, coordination, and support to the institution's departments and programs in procuring accessible technology.

This position is an important part of the AccessMU team and will work with the team to provide leadership and services to Miami University. This position is responsible for guiding campus departments and third-party vendors through the procurement review process in coordination with the AccessMU web accessibility testing team. This position also manages the development of Equally Effective Alternative Access Plans (EEAAPs), and works closely with various campus offices and the Miller Center for Student Disability Services.

We are seeking applicants who have experience working in the field of accessibility that possess excellent written & oral communication skills, technical documentation skills, and interpersonal communications skills.  Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree earned by the date of hire. This position is approved for remote work on a hybrid basis.

Visit Jobs and Careers at Miami<https://miamioh.edu/human-resources/jobs-and-careers/index.html> to learn more about working at Miami.

Laura Fathauer, CPWA, CPAAC, WAS.
Web Content Accessibility Specialist
Miami University
IT Services
316B Shriver Center
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Fax:  513.529.1496

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