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Tue Feb 8 10:36:44 PST 2022

3Play is hosting a FREE Accessibility event on March 29th with some amazing speakers! See below for details.

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From: 3Play Media <marketing at 3playmedia.com>
Sent: Monday, February 7, 2022 12:21 PM
To: Monica Olsson <molsson at sbctc.edu>
Subject: Accessibility at Microsoft with Jenny Lay-Flurrie - ACCESS 2022

ACCESS is now free and virtual. You don't want to miss this exciting lineup of speakers! Might just be our best event yet.
[age of digital inclusion]

March 29, 2022 l  Online

Save Your Spot, It's Free <https://go.3playmedia.com/e3t/Btc/LQ+113/c15D704/VVw5qg2FhMF_W3564T_47XD0PQ14FfRYnN69sMV33lLzNV1-WJV7CgNjGW1S5j5m8zLDdZVN56mD2C9jM7W5kXGtg802hcfW3l3lry2TjmssW7VkZtG68v4KvW21SD9J3VrQ_LW2WcnLq46gPJZW30pJJ07fHDSgN4DgPl21GLntW7FLg1z82Rs3pW30Qm_r2dzqwKN60rs7t25t20W4fbXRh4g_4MSVXw_T84Yw-RPN44GwgSNm_fwW3fzLnC4mZGH8W12YhBM94hpl0W5dlYQq5S8l6d38ft1>

Opening Keynote
Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft

Tuesday, March 29 at 2:00 pm ET


ACCESS has gone virtual (& it's free to attend).

Join us from your office, favorite coffee shop, or bed (we don't judge).

If you are looking to level up your career and accessibility skills, then you'll want to join us at ACCESS. Our 4-day event is packed with sessions taught by leading experts in accessibility.

Kickoff the event with trailblazer Jenny Lay-Flurrie who has centralized accessibility at Microsoft.

Then spend the rest of your week learning about accessible user experiences (taught by author Regine Gilbert), diving into the CVAA (with Tom Wlodkowski VP of Accessibility at Comcast and Attorney Michal Nowicki), discovering new ways to adopt a human-first approach (with Frances West Former IBM Chief Accessibility Officer), and so much more.

Save your spot <https://go.3playmedia.com/e3t/Btc/LQ+113/c15D704/VVw5qg2FhMF_W3564T_47XD0PQ14FfRYnN69sMV33lLzNV1-WJV7CgSnFW84QTSd75N_tlW363Cqj7rqw8tW46S4Sz5HB2h4W8mXBqC1DYJyZW1_9_yH8nP1b7W8GmWGp46gbjFN7Xqdyb-mjvrN4CjmPDBSY4BW8hgQN76t6hYsW6rGSnL222zJ7W3NzXJt6rpnZ9VM7d8c317hLrW1XN98N53YqZpW7qTTts2dwpnWW6Gf-qj1n5RCzW3j-Q263nt8PkW4slR_L8LrGtpW2Dvls39kLyNB3lsx1>

Meet the Speakers

Additional speakers coming soon.

[Francis West]
[Regine Gilbert]

Jenny Lay-Flurrie is chief accessibility officer at Microsoft, leading the company’s efforts to drive great products, services and websites that empower people and organizations to achieve more.

Frances West  was IBM’s first Chief Accessibility Officer and worked to establish IT accessibility standards, shape government policies, and develop human-centric enterprise technology.

Regine Gilbert is a user experience designer, Industry Assistant Professor at New York University,  keynote speaker, and best-selling author of Inclusive Design for a Digital World.

[Tom Wlodkowski]

Tom Wlodkowski is the Vice President of Accessibility and Multiculture - Technology and Product at Comcast. Tom has been uniquely positioned at the intersection of the Internet, broadcast and cable television.

Michal Nowicki is an Associate Attorney at Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC. His practice focuses largely on helping clients comply with a wide range of telecommunications laws. He has helped many organizations met FCC and CVAA requirements.

Kyle Shachmut is the Assistant Director of Digital Accessibility Services at Harvard University  providing strategic direction and service delivery leadership to digital accessibility efforts across Harvard’s schools.

[Aaron Golub]

Aaron Golub is an entrepreneur and speaker. Aaron became the first legally blind athlete to play football in a division 1 game when he was at Tulane University.

Matt Ogens is an American film director, creative director, photographer and artist. He has won three Emmy nominations and his latest project, "Audible" has been shortlisted for an Oscar.

Lily Bond is the Vice President of Marketing at 3Play Media. She has over eight years of experience in video accessibility and has authored numerous articles and often speaks on the subject.

Register Now <https://go.3playmedia.com/e3t/Btc/LQ+113/c15D704/VVw5qg2FhMF_W3564T_47XD0PQ14FfRYnN69sMV33lLzNV1-WJV7CgWXnW6_Ppd62xNrB9VSpkDF7vf0J-W2PXPkF2SM53tW1bwFv91qMl6LW437xG14Qyx3sW8c_WMT5qnRj8W2V38rT1SbyRgW9dP9Wv3TgWk8W7LrcVP6Q9PhTVFMq8-4vFCXdW69TXS22d1zQlW4x3JbY1yrcG4W7DHNcQ1MrFhXLS8Sgx0bcQW3VFv2v3q_YdjW9912_g34WZyLW4KP13_7f49v8W40WtxV6Kdy1733tl1>

3Play Media, 77 N Washington Street, Floor 2, Boston, MA 02114


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