[CATO] Accessible Math Roadmap (Draft)

Monica Olsson molsson at sbctc.edu
Tue Dec 13 16:15:30 PST 2022

Thank you for sharing, Michael. I'll put these resources on the CATO drive to make sure folks can grab them from there as well.

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Monica M. Olsson (she/her/hers)

Policy Associate – Accessible IT Coordinator

Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

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Hi all,

Here are the files for the Accessible Math Roadmap from the North Carolina Community College System Virtual Learning Community that I learned about at AHG and mentioned in today’s CATO meeting. This is a draft, and there’s no public link at this point, but hopefully it won’t be long before they have a formal first version available. I’m including the PowerPoint for the presentation as well. These have already proving quite helpful for me.


Michael Hanscom (he/him), Accessible Technology Program Manager, Highline College

mhanscom at highline.edu<mailto:mhanscom at highline.edu> | Building 25-516 | 206.592.3383

Accessible Technology Zoom Lobby: W 3:30-4:15pm/Th 3-3:45pm https://highline.zoom.us/my/mhanscom

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