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I don't think CATO is necessarily the right place to ask this but I know you all will at least be interested (horrified, disheartened) by the accessibility information from Synergy Sports. This is a streaming platform plus some features for coaches and players where they can watch their film, stats, play analysis etc. for basketball. Both our men's and women's teams use it. Last year, due to ctcLink, I gave them one year provisional approval because I just couldn't deal.
I've attached a likely inaccessible PDF (sorry!) from them with their IT FAQ. Here is the Accessibility information you will find if you scroll to the last page...

What has your company done to evaluate the accessibility of your product in accordance with either Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act or WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines?
Synergy understands the need to make software accessible but with the complexities of making streaming video accessible we cannot guarantee to meet federal accessible guidelines in our product. Thus, at this time, our product apps are not ADA compliant and we currently do not have plans to make them ADA compliant.

If our users should encounter issues with accessibility, to what extent are you willing to work with the client to improve the product's accessibility?
We would be open to hearing suggestions on how we can make our products more accessible.

To our Athletic Director's credit - he let them know that "we were only under a one year deal from 2021-22 season with a potential to renew after an update on the Access requirement from our TSS department.  Please send us an update of the Access requirement that we communicated to you last year, so we can determine if we can continue using this product via approval from our TSS department. "

Their reply was classic - "I see that both programs are able to access your Synergy Sports Accounts and are using them currently, so I assume the issue has been fixed." Access issues - ugh!
Anyway - not sure what to do this year. Clearly nothing has changed And coaches want to use it yesterday of course and Synergy wants us to pay for it.

My ultimate question is probably better for the Accessible IT folks for each campus- what platform(s) are other colleges using for this work.   I often hear, "it's what all the colleges in the division are using."

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