[Cato] ETAG/CATO working Committee Request for Volunteers

Mark Jenkins mjenkins at sbctc.edu
Thu Jan 14 09:42:58 PST 2021

The Ask:
This is a request for two CATO volunteers to serve on a short-term Ed Tech Advisory Group (ETAG) working committee. I see this as an initial 60 meeting in which a decision is made by the group as to how to scope and execute the work.  All decisions about meeting frequency would be made by the group.

The committee's output will be a document proposing standards for documenting accessibility in system level procurements of educational technology.

More generally, this is part of an SBCTC/ETAG effort to regularize and improve aspects of system level procurements for educational technologies. Our strategy is to produce a set of topical standards to be applied in all system RFPs, supplementing and reinforcing product-specific business requirements.

To that end ETAG is building out standard rubrics or practices calling out key topics in procurement, including Procurement Recruitment, Data Privacy & Security, Digital Equity Impacts, Platform Interoperability, and Accessibility.

The task is to create as much information about products acquired at the system level as possible and to share that information through the (forthcoming) Ed Tech Commons. That would include displaying information gathered in our own procurements, displaying certifications and third party evaluations from other sources, and crowdsourced feedback on the experiences of users. The goal is to promote fully informed adoption of ed tech tools.

The Educational Technology Advisory Group is made up of representatives from ELC, LLC, and ITC. Its role is to identify emerging priorities, opportunities, and risks in the educational technology ecosystems and to support effective procurement and implementation of educational technology tools. ETAG, along with CATO, is a subcommittee of Strategic Technology Advisory Committee.

If you have questions, feel free to ask directly or on the list.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Mark Jenkins
Director, Educational Technology & Open Education
Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges
Cell: 503.891-3515
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I'm currently working remotely. Please text before calling my cell phone if possible.

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