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Rovner, Amy arovner at shoreline.edu
Wed Aug 14 12:44:19 PDT 2019

Hi CATO Friends,

I miss you! And I miss Jess already!

Did you see this effort from the EDUCAUSE group on product accessibility testing? I wasn't on the call so missed the live presentation and the details of how this might work.

How are things?


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Hi Marg,

Thanks for leading the discussion today.  It was very well organised and I think we've all came out with some useful information.

The industry effort led by Chris Law is looking to create an industry standard to create a trustable summary page which says how accessible a product is.  Chris had provided some mockups which has a 1-pager saying "pass 29/30" criteria, with a "Gold Star".  And for the failed criteria, there's a one paragraph summary of how it had failed.  The experts can scour the detailed report, but for the purchaser, this easy enough for them to decide if they want to move on to the next stage of procurement.

Email chrismlaw at accessibilitytrack.com<mailto:chrismlaw at accessibilitytrack.com> if you want to be added to his list.

Jiatyan Chen

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