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If we can find a way to legally share/sell test results, then maybe whatever comes from the inventory and trusted tester project could actually serve that purpose... that would be waaaay down the line, but if it works for security, why not accessibility?

Has there ever been any talk about vendors suing if a product is deemed unsecure by an institution?

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Interesting discussion re: VPATs on the ITAccess/EDUCAUSE list serve.  Someone noted that there are vendors that exist that provide security information on IT vendors.  That might be helpful precedent to support our process of providing accessibility information.  Ward - you may know more about scorecard, etc. any thoughts?



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Oooh, that would be nice, I hope someone has something. On security side for example, we have vendors like scorecard that for a minimal fee give us security info on a vendor.

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At Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) we are developing workflows for accessibility verification of software products (installed or web). Has anyone used, or is looking at, software that can help with the accessibility verification process? We are looking for tool(s) that verifies that a product does provide the accessibility it states in its VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template).

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