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Thanks for sharing!  My first reaction was, "That's so cool!" but that's a little weird to write so how about what an amazing forum for sharing her realities and hopefully made a lasting impression on the participants!

I wish I had been there!


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I did that already -- I realized after I pressed send that I'd forgotten to copy the group. Sorry.


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I think we need to write Suzanne Johnson a thank you email for welcoming Access360 to the Kent Station campus and for sharing her story. Does anyone want to take the lead on that? ehm... Mark.

I also think we need to find a way to ask if she might be interested in being an executive champion/sponsor for CATO or help us find one. (I want to be careful about not seeming like we're asking the person with a disability to be our "poster president".)

Amy: Pres Johnson, turns out, has hearing loss and is significantly vision impaired -- I think we all had to pick our jaws up off the floor after she gave an amazing welcome and shared her story.


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