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Kerri B. Holferty kholferty at whatcom.edu
Mon May 7 13:52:00 PDT 2018

What Karen said regarding schedules. :)

I am also on vacation May 29-June 4.


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The convening was amazing -- very well done!  Wish you could have been there, Amy . . .

My schedule is a bit wonky right now, but I'll try to work around the rest of you.  Just let me know as soon as possible.

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I'm happy to host here if we want F2F.

Otherwise, Zoom always works.

Can't wait to hear how Access 360 went last week!

Also - Jess I woke up this morning realizing that we need to write up our Baltimore talk!!


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Do we have our next meeting scheduled? If not, should we aim for a meeting before or after the WACTC Tech meeting?

Also, I'd like to finalize what Access360 looks like next year and the application process. I'd also like to invite Access360 participants to be part of that discussion. I'm not sure that such a meeting needs to be a CATO meeting, but I'd like some of your there and I'd like to try and pull it together pretty soon. I'd prefer a F2F meeting, but I'm wondering if Zoom might be better given the timeline. Thoughts?



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