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Hsiao, Terence thsiao at cascadia.edu
Tue May 1 07:20:32 PDT 2018

Notes from the WACTC-Tech meeting relating to accessibility . . . .

Accessibility within PeopleSoft/ctcLink

*         Meeting accessibility requirements in ctcLink is important and is on the project team's radar as we move forward as part of the Upgrade Project.

*         The project team and SBCTC are researching accessibility capabilities within PeopleSoft

*         A vendor (Grey/Heller) will be presenting on Monday, April 30 to a large group of college, SBCTC and ctcLink staff to showcase their product capabilities, which enhances the accessibility features in PeopleSoft in areas where PeopleSoft may be lacking.

*         The session has been widely communicated to ctcLink project managers and other key staff system-wide and is the first step in ensuring that accessibility guidelines/policies are at the forefront of discussions and decisions as we move forward.

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