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It was an interesting discussion - and eye-opening how many colleges and systems have a process down. In fact, the agenda item pretty much assumed that everyone on the call has been requiring VPATs. Made me a feel a bit behind.

I was thinking of trying to pull a survey together to send to that group. Something that might better track

  *   many have a formal process in place to request accessibility info/VPATs
  *   what elements they require of vendors (VPAT 1.3, 2.0, 3rd party info, etc.)
  *   who does testing/what gets tested
  *   request for that standard contract language they use

I don't know if that would be valuable, but I have a hard time tracking who's doing what in those meetings.

I hate that EDUCAUSE phone calls feel so unstructured - can't see anyone, no shared screen, hard to share items during meeting, etc. I was hoping a survey might help but I don't know if I need to get approval from the group admin/chairs to send something like that out.

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I missed this AM's EDUCAUSE call but they shared out this resource from Cal State U's Vendor Accessibility requirements.

Can we add a resource such as this to our wish list for centralized info for SBCTC?  It would be great to have one place to reference when asking vendors for VPATs. It would def sound more "authentic" or official coming from a state entity than just our college (although I'm going to try to get something like this up on our Shoreline website to reference in the meantime!).



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Discussion from today’s call -

California State University Vendor Accessibility Requirements<http://teachingcommons.cdl.edu/access/procurement_process/CSU_Accessibility_Documenation_Review_Process.shtml>

This process outlines the use of VPAT 2.0 and Vendor Product Demonstration etc.


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