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Yeah, I think they've done it before.

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Have any of you had this response from a publisher (i.e., VPAT request needs to come from DSS)?

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Hi Karen,

I need the VPAT from a publishing house, Pearson,  for their textbooks Arriba, Mosaicos and Unidos. They answer that the request needs to come from the DSS at OC. Could you help me with this? Their email is disability at support@pearson.com.

Thank you,


A. Gabriela Ramis, Ph.D.
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Olympic College
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Dear Gabriela,

Your case number is 04222365.

If you would like to receive a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template), the request needs to come from your school's DSS department. Please contact them in order to make that request.

Should you experience additional problems relating to this issue, feel free to reply to this message so we may assist you further.

NACS HE Accessibility Tech Support

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