[Cato] ACT test accounts

Jess Thompson jess.thompson at sbctc.edu
Fri Jun 1 12:24:19 PDT 2018

Thanks, Ward!

I posted everything in a Google doc<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VHFr-Uk0_1eg7tyOO5kxDqSm6_sXq-DJzBY9ApJA6rg/edit?usp=sharing> so that folks can mark which roles they test and add comments in one place.

Zach has agreed to test as well.


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Subject: [Cato] FW: ACT test accounts

URL is https://mywcc.whatcom.edu/act

Usernames are below, password for all of them is: 4cce$$ibilitY (that is a capital Y at the end). Play with it and break stuff, report all issues found to wnaf at whatcom.edu<mailto:wnaf at whatcom.edu>. Feel free to forward this to someone else at your organization also to test. Don’t worry about any data you enter, all info in the system will be flushed before it goes live in July.  Please have all testing done and bugs reported to me by close of business June 15th.

While you go through it, make a list of stuff that is not broken but that you would like changed, or stuff we should add. This will be our working list for version 1.1

Ward Naf

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From: Emily Heiner
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Subject: ACT test accounts

I’ve created the test accounts for ACT. The users are:













The vendors are set to Microsoft, so they should see the Microsoft products only.

All passwords are set to 4cce$$ibilitY

Have them try to intentionally break stuff...


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