[Cato] Final Reminders for Access360 Grants

Jess Thompson jess.thompson at sbctc.edu
Mon Jun 4 15:39:55 PDT 2018

Hello, Access360 leads!

A couple of reminders as we wrap up this year's grant:

The final two deliverables are due to me next week (the original grant info is attached for reference):

  *   Submit an end of year reflection and/or 2018-19 work plan based on a follow-up GOALS report on progress made. Due to SBCTC no later than June 10, 2018.

     *   As discussed at the Spring Convening, some questions to consider for the reflection include:
        *   Describe areas of progress -- what do you feel most contributed to this progress?
        *   Describe areas where you did not make as much progress as you hoped -- what (expected and unexpected) barriers did you encounter along the way? How can you ensure this work, while not completed, is not abandoned?
        *   If you could make one request to your executive administration, what would it be?

  *   Share copies of the final results of the self-study. Due to SBCTC no later than June 10, 2018. SBCTC will only use this information to inform our practices, not to evaluate colleges. We will share/openly discuss trends in the data, but specific colleges will not be identified.

     *   When you go to complete a report, you should be able to compare your current state to where you were in fall. Just be sure to create a new review cycle (listed at the bottom of the GOALS home page). Save that comparison report and send it to me as you did in the fall.

Other reminders from our grants manager, Michele Rockwell:

June 14, 2018 – Final budget revisions are due in OBIS<https://obis.sbctc.edu/>.  Your contacts will likely need to work with grants/fiscal staff at their college to submit budget revisions rather than do it themselves.  As such, they should check in with those staff at their colleges ASAP to ensure spending is on track and get any info they might need for a budget revision.

June 30, 2018 – Grants end.  Any funding not spent by this date may not be spent.

July 16, 2018 – Final invoices are due in OBIS<https://obis.sbctc.edu/>.  Again, your contacts may not be the ones submitting the invoices themselves.  They’ll need to work very closely with their grants/fiscal staff prior to that date to ensure those grants/fiscal staff have everything they need from the grant contacts to submit the final invoice.  Anything not invoices by that date will not be paid (the college will not get reimbursed for it from SBCTC).

If colleges have questions, they really should check in with their grants/fiscal staff first.  If they still have questions after doing that, I’m happy to help them.

Jess Thompson
Program Administrator, Accessible Technology Initiatives
Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges
p: 360.704.4327 | c: 253.229.8591
Current Projects<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KXjxctpTAa2R06iRksMrjaeiCkphAJzqkwX-awvJh9g/edit?usp=sharing> | AccessWA Blog<https://accesswa.blog> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KXjxctpTAa2R06iRksMrjaeiCkphAJzqkwX-awvJh9g/edit?usp=sharing>

Keep in the accessibility loop by joining the CTC Accessibility listserv<https://goo.gl/forms/CP1GHPl6Pe1ipD6q1>!

From: Michele Rockwell


Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Access 360 project.  In order for us to officially set up a grant to your college, please complete and return the attached document to me at EduContracts at sbctc.edu<mailto:EduContracts at sbctc.edu>.  It’s up to your college who signs the document.  If you’re unsure who has appropriate signature authority to sign for a grant of this size ($7,500), please contact your grants/business office for assistance.  Even if you know who should sign, you should still alert your grants/business office about this grant.

Once I’ve received the completed, signed document from you, I’ll get your grant set up in our Online Budget and Invoicing System (OBIS<https://obis.sbctc.edu/>).  Check in with your grants/business office if you’re not sure of your college’s process for receiving and invoicing against grants in OBIS.

If you have any questions about Access 360, please contact Jess or Mark, both are copied here.  If you have questions about the grant itself, please contact me at mrockwell at sbctc.edu<mailto:mrockwell at sbctc.edu> / 360-704-4343.





Michele Rockwell | Contracts Specialist | Education Services Division | Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges | 1300 Quince ST SE | PO Box 42495 | Olympia, WA 98504 | p: 360-704-4343 | f: 360-704-4418 | mrockwell at sbctc.edu<mailto:mrockwell at sbctc.edu> | www.sbctc.edu<http://www.sbctc.edu/>

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