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Karen - I like this idea but can we frame it so that it requires a "commitment" from leadership to do these things rather than that they are already in place?  What if an institution is committed to making these improvements but just haven't had the impetus, bandwidth, whatever to actually create them yet?

I'll keep thinking about other ideas.


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I know this has come up in a few circles already, so it won't be new - but I think leadership buy-in/commitment is critical to this process and should be a make-or-break requirement.  The questions for this could come directly from Benchmarking Tool, e.g. (Q1) "Is technology access included in your administrative vision or commitment statement?", (Q7) "Does your central administration create, promote, and communicate accessible technology efforts across your institution . . .?", and "Is the budget sufficient for institution-wide efforts?".  Acceptable responses should reflect measurable indicators such as dedicated budget and staff resources.

Speaking from personal experience, institutions will not be able to make significant progress without this key piece.

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Hi all,

At the last CATO meeting (which I think was just Mark, Karen, Ward and myself) we chatted a bit about next year's Access360 application questions/requirements. I'm working on this right now with our contracts team as this will need to be a competitive grant. That said, I can't share out the questions because it's unfair for some colleges to see them beforehand.

Instead, I'm checking to see if you all think there's anything we should ask about/require. Applications will be reviewed (by this group hopefully) in order to rank the responses, so any info you think might help determine who should participate we could ask for.


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