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Ward Naf wnaf at whatcom.edu
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Emily and Eugene, these are the changes that CATO would like to see in the ACT program. Please update the document to reflect these and lets get started on building it out. We still want to be beta testing in spring quarter and rolling out to the SBCTC and schools in the summer.

Another Role:
This role can view only items produced by the vendor, read only of course including ADA information of VPAT, WCAG, and trusted testers notes on accessible or not.
Vendor can submit items for testing/review by trusted testers/Reviewer
Vendor can make a comment on executive summary, language will be provided for vendor for appeal process of findings.
When they login they see a menu of view vendor products, submit product for review (product info and vpat upload), and a choice to appeal review and leave comment

Reviewers and testers need a menu item to see what is ready for testing, reviewers and testers can click a checkbox on an item to set it ready for review to make is show in the list. List will also have section for vendor requests for review.

Instead of saying something meets Policy 188 standards, we are going to make it generic and say it "meets accessibility requirements". That way as policy's change, or someone with different requirements uses it will work for them. We still want the sections on VPAT and WCAG A AA AAA; but on the final step of if its accessible or not we want to make that part more generic.

Somewhere in the program we need to be able to state what the "meets accessibility requirements" means. Initially it may state that it meets WCAG 2.0 Level AA, but can be edited by admins only. So as standards change it can be modified.

add a function to upload product roadmaps

text entry section for "known/suggested workarounds" (this could be in the comments section of the product info. Reviewers and testers can copy to executive summary once workarounds have been verified.

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