[Cato] WACTC Tech - be careful what you ask for

Hsiao, Terence thsiao at cascadia.edu
Wed Jan 24 18:44:09 PST 2018

WACTC Tech has given us the charge of developing a system-wide approach to testing. More specifically we are charged with:

*         Developing a proposal to leverage the resources of the WACTC to address accessibility testing and remediation requirements in a cost-effective, equitable and responsive manner.

*         Consulting with the appropriate commissions on the development of the proposal.

*         Delivering the resulting proposal to WACTC for its consideration no later than May, 2018.
I talked to the Chair of HRMC (he happens to head up HR at Cascadia) and he has space for us on HRMC's agenda next week (Thursday). I am in Washington DC that day . . . would anyone else be able to represent CATO? If so, let me know and we can debrief/strategize.

I am going to try and put together an engagement plan over the weekend for all of us to think about/comment on.


P.S. After looking at California's Community Colleges website it does not appear that they address testing. A field trip may be worth considering.

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Pipe dreams....

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Subject: Accessible Technology initiative CC and system model


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