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Rovner, Amy arovner at shoreline.edu
Wed Jan 24 13:58:35 PST 2018


This is a bit off the mark for CATO but you all are my go-to's for accessibility questions...

I'm working with our Am Sign Language instructor at Shoreline.  She wants to make her class more accessible but is struggling b/c it has many, many images of signs. If she adds alt text to a sign that identifies the sign (like a definition such as "Apple"), then that's not helping a low vision/blind student, etc. learn the sign.  In most cases it's giving away the answer.

We're looking for an alt text dictionary for ASL.  These would be descriptions of what the hand/fingers and motions are in an image instead.  Something has to exist already and it's an overwhelming task for her to take on as one person.

Anyone know of such a resource or who I should ask??

Thanks in advance!


Amy Rovner, MPH RD
eLearning Instructional Designer
Associate Faculty Nutrition
Shoreline Community College
arovner at shoreline.edu

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