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I’m tying to find the best way to respond... my immediate thought was “a disabled person cannot speak for all people with disabilities just as a woman should not be asked to speak for all women — nor should they carry the responsibility of educating/correcting/validating you.” But, maybe it’s just been a long week...

I can reframe this around technical help desk type services, but it seems Kelley’s insinuating this is a different type of issue.



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Hi Jess:

In an accessibility discussion today, I made an assumption. Later I reflected on that assumption and it occurred to me that my assumption could be inaccurate – yes, I just admitted that I could be wrong! That might be an indicator of the end of days, OMG!

Anyways, that wake-up moment made me think that it would be very nice if there were a resource – hotline, list-serve, blog, chat room whatever where we could ask questions, and a trained disabled person and/or accessibility expert (I would actually prefer a disabled person) would respond to our questions I know that many accessibility experts actually bring disabled folks in to test things, so I suspect a hotline could have some real value. For example, the UW DoIt Center has a blind person on staff to act as an internal tester and consultant.

I know the standards, guidelines and recommendations. I assume they reflect the needs of disabled persons, but do they always reflect the preferences of a disable person?

Do you know if there is such a resource out there?



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