[Cato] {Disarmed} FW: LA + SA 4EVA: Level Access puts a ring on Simply Accessible!

Rovner, Amy arovner at shoreline.edu
Mon Feb 26 13:25:45 PST 2018

Forgive any duplicate information here but I’m slowly working through my email backlog from begin on vaca and I thought this was good information to share.  I don’t know if this merger is potentially helpful in our quest to find companies able to do software testing for us but just in case….


From: Timothy Springer [mailto:Timothy.Springer at LevelAccess.com]
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Subject: LA + SA 4EVA: Level Access puts a ring on Simply Accessible!

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Announcing an Accessibility Love Story

They said yes!

We're happy to announce that we made an addition to the Level Access family on Valentine's Day.

<http://go.levelaccess.com/p0500B0aNF0p0QiKxw0TCq3>["LA+SA" in a heart Icon]<http://go.levelaccess.com/p0500B0aNF0p0QiKxw0TCq3><http://go.levelaccess.com/p0500B0aNF0p0QiKxw0TCq3>We have welcomed the awesome Simply Accessible<http://go.levelaccess.com/m000iO3050pxawTCKqR0BF0> experts from Canada and the U.S. to our team. I can't overstate how excited we are about this; they really are the perfect match for us. After lots of discussion and lively collaboration, we discovered our teams dovetailed perfectly. We have a systemic, standardized, scalable approach to accessibility and they have an intense passion for education, usability, and UX.

As a blended team, we will be poised to better understand big picture trends and insights as well as the ground-level UX and code techniques needed to make accessible technology. Accessibility is multidisciplinary and so are we!

Read more about Simply Accessible joining our team on our website.<http://go.levelaccess.com/p0500B0aNF0p0QiKxw0TCq3> We'll be over here, grinning like lovebirds.

Timothy Springer
Founder and CEO
Level Access

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