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Good call!!

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Based on yesterday's BAC conversation I've asked my colleagues to consider making Technology Accessibility part of the State budget ask. It will be interesting to see if this percolates up to the Presidents and becomes part of the April budget academy discussion.


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Hi BAC'sters,

Yesterday we discussed  technology accessibility compliance requirements and the resource challenges they present. Per the discussion its something many of us feel should be funded by the Legislature - if you agree and haven't responded to SBCTC's College Budget priority survey, please consider adding something along the following lines to your College's budget priorities list:

"Funding to help disabled students and employees succeed by providing the  system and colleges with the resources needed to ensure that college technology is accessible and used in a manner that complies with Federal and State regulations".


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Business Officers,

As part of the 2019-21 Budget Development Process, we are asking you to share your colleges’ ideas and priorities. Your responses will form the basis for discussion at the Presidents’ Budget Academy in April and the State Board meetings throughout their budget development process.

While the state economy and revenue outlook are strong at this time, the Legislative budget environment is always challenging and competitive.  All of the public institutions of higher education will be vying for investments alongside human services, children’s health, mental health, early learning and many other compelling state needs.  Our challenge is to tell Legislators why our needs should be prioritized and how an investment in our system will payoff for the state’s economy, employers and taxpayers.

This survey has two parts:

1.      Section 1 - Your reaction to preliminary ideas for potential budget requests built around the system’s broad goals of promoting student achievement, increasing access and building on system strengths.

2.      Section 2 - Your college district’s highest priorities for future investments.

We hope this survey serves as a tool to facilitate conversations at each college, but there is no recommended process for gathering feedback.  Business officers will be the main point of contact and they may want to work with their district’s executive team to compile a response.  This survey will be shared with presidents at their February meeting.

Please return completed surveys to Cherie Berthon, Operating Budget Director, at cberthon at sbctc.edu<mailto:cberthon at sbctc.edu> by February 28, 2018.

Thank you for taking the time to inform the budget development process.  Please email or call if you have questions.

Cherie Berthon

[Compass]Cherie Berthon

Operating Budget Director

Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

cberthon at sbctc.edu<mailto:cberthon at sbctc.edu> • o: 360-704-1023 • f: 360-704-4417 • c: 360-339-2888

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