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I think I have missed the first message re: creating a "lighter" version b/c I'm not sure who the audience is for it.

For my faculty, who are required to do 1.5 hours of Accessible IT training this year, I took Jess' awesome course and made a few changes to make it more flexible.  All are required to do the Start Here module but then all the remaining modules unlock and participants get to choose which one(s) are relevant to them. Terence I totally understand how the Canvas and captioning information is less relevant to you.  For my faculty,  I suggest that they spend no more than 75 mins per module and by completing the StartHere module plus one other, they have met their 1.5 hours (and have earned 50points).

The class is self-enroll and participants remain enrolled after their 1.5 hours so they can use it as a resource or so they can continue to work through the additional modules (haha!) on their own.

Our workgroup will be widen our focus to classified and admin staff as this year progresses and so they will be able to approach it in a similar way - it's like create your own adventure!

:) Amy

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The one we did for the agency is basically Module 1, then Accessible Word, PPT, Email, and procurement. So, it's two modules, removed all of the assignment options and left it to be quiz based (since I don't have time to grade).

It's not ideal, and I suspect 50% will click through over and over until they get a sufficient grade... but, oh well.

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Following up on the e-mail I sent a few hours ago. I have now made it through the entire Access 101 course and Module 3 seemed to take a lot longer than Modules 1&2 . . . with (for me) less value.

Perhaps rather than thinking of a "lite" version of the course we should think of it in terms of Step A (motivating you to care about accessibility & showing you how simple the basics are) and Step B (how to assess websites that you assign to students).

Just my two cents.

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