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Sounds like you did a great job of getting people engaged!

There is definitely value in being consistent with messaging.

I’m unclear about what you communicated with the “open box”. I thought that was really asking them if there were different approaches we should think about (generAted by them, not us). Can you clarify what you proposed?

Thanks for gathering the input!


On Feb 1, 2018, at 6:51 PM, Jess Thompson <jess.thompson at sbctc.edu<mailto:jess.thompson at sbctc.edu>> wrote:

Draft one pager -- edit as you see fit, but please note I need it for HMRC TOMORROW: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xDs-krD6r2RisbzscazrmVqe1h44sHfGE0XYXIZp_gI/edit?usp=sharing

Video of presentation: http://somup.com/cFnV0HVxNb (still uploading, should be ready in a few) -- one person suggested having that to share with the campus.

This was the only presentation where I'd suspect some difference simply because I was asked to present months ago and given particular topics to cover. I don't suspect different versions for other groups.

One thought would be to draft out a list of services, tell them they have 100 points to distribute to each, then we look to see if one service (testing) overwhelming wins out -- in which case that's our primary focus, or if there's a decent mix, then we look more at a more comprehensive structure like a support center.

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Today Jess and I presented to WSSSC, this is the notes:


Not about what WACTC asked exactly, but wanted to know how are colleges are doing the accessibility work? Who has hired PT/FT staff? Who has gotten faculty to do work?

Walla Walla: Has a accessibility group comprised of IT/DSS/eLearning/Faculty Senate. If things come from Admin, faculty push back; but if it comes from the faculty senate person they are successful. Biggest pushback they have had is old classes that have been taught for years.

Schools are having issues finding technically competent users to do testing. No one knows how to test.

WSSSC would like a one page summary document they can bring to their areas. They don’t want to make any suggestions on their own, in the past when they have, it has not gone well. They are the ones not doing to work, so they would like to get input and get it back to us.

Initial thought is for the second choice, gives the technical ability at the college to take care of the issues and to get skills onsite to get better output locally.

Agree they would like to talk to their campus and get back to us.

Agree on a one page summary with notes from the slides to get back to us.

Another agree about the second choice for the same reasons

One college stated a major disconnect between their IT and DSS offices in responsibilities, of who is responsible for what. IT does not believe they should be doing testing and that it is the responsibility of DSS. DSS of course is responsible for supporting students and getting them the tools and accommodations they deserve.

Someone like a mixed model. With investments on campus like training (doc remediation, website remediation, testing, etc.), but also a system for support of their organization, providing training, and collaboration. Big plug for the GOALS tool and for the “rock star” Jess.

One asked for what’s CATO’s goal and thoughts?

Some colleges have bought stuff already that is in-accessible and don’t know what to do. While some people say software is not accessible, and others say it is; who is right and what do they do?  (Wards comment: this is the reason to have a SBCTC testing methodology and trusted tester program).

What do we do when no product is compliant, or we have to use something anyways (Ward talked to them about what Whatcom is doing and how it is not a great system, but it’s a start)

Take Away:

No one was willing to say on their own what the WACTC asked right now, they want to go back to their campus to gather a researched answer (I think this is a good sign, and the correct answer).

They want a one pager on what we are being asked by WACTC, and with possible options to choose from. None seemed to like the open box concept, most seemed to want to pick from a list of choices.

Send them the CATO list serve email to send their reply to our questions to, send them the presentation and resource links.

I would like to add I think we need to have a single presentation we are presenting to all the commissions, not fine tuned to the audience. They all need to hear the same thing. It also allows those presenting to memorize the content better and be more prepared. (I stumbled through the first part, since I couldn’t spend much time on it before hand, but would like one that doesn’t change so I can master it.)

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