[Cato] convening idea - seeking feedback

Rovner, Amy arovner at shoreline.edu
Fri Apr 20 14:45:21 PDT 2018

I like the idea as well!  Interesting (fun per Kerri) and so useful and readily applicable to real life.


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Hi Jess – I think the activity was well-received, helpful and fun. It gets my vote for an activity at the convening.


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Hi again (I'm really failing at taking a vacation day...)

At DSSC I facilitated an activity where groups developed elevator pitches about accessibility for different audiences (you can preview the materials here: http://bit.ly/a11yelevator).

I think it went pretty well and I'm wondering if this could be modified to be an activity for the affinity groups -- less about "how should you pitch them to them" but more "what's an effective way for someone to pitch accessibility to you"/how does accessibility align with your values/challenges/priorities. Or maybe it's fine to just ask them to develop an elevator pitch for their respective council/commission (then make them do it!).

Ok, wanted to get that in writing before it left my brain. 😉


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